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Finding the right thing to do can be hard.

Most of us don't know where or how to start our fitness journey. It's hard knowing what you should do and in what order. You might have seen different routines online, but it can be confusing trying to figure out which routine is best for your goals, experience level and body type.

here are our great ideas on how you can get started with exercise without having to spend hours searching for the correct information or doing all the research yourself...We've done that work for you so you don't have too! 

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  • bench press alternative
  • lat pull down alternative
  • barbell row alternative
  • declined bench alternatives
  • lat pull down dumbbell alternative
  • leg extension alternative
  • seated cable row alternative
  • t-bar row alternative
  • glutes isolation
  • front deltoid workout

We want more people to feel confident about themselves inside and out while also living a healthier lifestyle! So we created this section site full of helpful ideas!!