Home Gym Adventures

is your guide to starting your personal healthy lifestyle today!

a lifestyle you think is only for the young, glamorous, and single. Well, think again!!

Our mission:

to show you that a healthy lifestyle is an achievable goal for all.

My name is Hans.

I decided to start Home Gym Adventures because I felt something was missing in the health and fitness space.

With so much information, it should be easy to get in shape. You should be bursting with motivation, and glowing with energy every day! And after starting, you will be done in a matter of weeks, months at most,....right?

Sorry, it is not that easy.

Many want you to believe, that health and being in shape are commodities you can buy and slap on quickly. At Home gym adventures, there is no quick “beach-ready” bodyfat % on sale today!! We have no such thing as, “get instant pecs, biceps, or abs” my friends. 

If you are looking for that, I wish you good luck and goodbye. You are not going to find it here.

At Home Gym Adventures, we know that fitness and health are not this extreme or that new “hot” thing. It’s constantly evolving and a different experience for everyone.

We believe that the core of healthy living is a learning attitude. Becoming a bit better every day. And, no matter where you are in life, everyone creates their own unique adventure.

Home gym adventures is a fitness recipe notebook. Wrapped into helpful posts, tips and tricks, reviews, and workout ideas. To help you, dear reader, cut through the fitness slang and create your own adventure.

Show you easy-to-implement systems to help you start and keep you going on your journey. Discover new equipment and try in your routines. Become confident to train at home, in the gym, outside, or anywhere.

I do want to make clear, I am not a certified personal trainer, doctor, or health professional. Home Gym Adventures is not a substitute for professional medical or health advice.

The goal is not bio-hacking with the next quick fix. Or the easiest road to get < fill in the blank >.

The goal is to become a healthier, stronger, and better you, every day for the rest of your life. And have fun along the way.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to be in touch with you.

We do not take that for granted. Let this be the start of a great journey and adventure together!!